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The material contained in this website is non-violent adult material containing sexually explicit situations. Viewing by, possession of, sale or distribution to minors is against the law. Exercising our first amendment rights, this material has been made by adults, and is intended ONLY for adults who wish to view it. It is unlawful to continue if the fore mentioned material is illegal, outlawed or may violate community standards where you are viewing said material. The following material represents staged, scripted, and fictional accounts of sexual relationships of adults. All performers in the following material are intended to be portrayed and understood as fully consenting adults that are performing of their own free will. This material is meant to serve as a visual record of the methods of interpersonal and sexual relationships. However, please note that these fictional accounts do not always exhibit safe sex, or the full range of real life emotions and relationships. Moreover, this material is created to inform viewers of the wide range of adult relationships. It presents the idea that these are important aspects of adult relationships and that sexual conduct is enjoyable in various forms of expression.

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This site and its associated services may use “cookies” and other technologies such as tags or beacons in order to provide a better user experience and service, and tell us which part of the sites have been visited. We consider information gathered via such technologies as non-personal information. reserves the right to track usage and gather information such as IP addresses, usage patterns, and other data in order to provide customer service, and combat piracy, and for any other reason as allowed by law. By interacting with such as contacting the webmaster or technical support, member may inadvertently disclose certain information, including non-personally identifiable information such as IP addresses, as well as personally identifiable information such as email addresses, real names, and other information. Such information and data may be used by or authorized third party services for troubleshooting, technical support, resolving billing questions, customer support, marketing, and any other purpose as allowed by US law. If you enter into a contest or sweepstakes or similar promotion we may use the information you provide to contact you or for other reasons as deemed appropriate.

Any customer that joins/signs up as a subscriber of the site will be required to provide personal information as well as demographic information which may include the subscriber’s name, physical address, e-mail address, zip code, country, username, and password. The site collects any and all such information and includes it in its customer database. In addition, other information such as IP address(es), referring website information, browser information, and other related data may be collected. However, actual credit card numbers or bank account details are not collected by itself but rather by the billing company that processes your membership. does not have access to or stores credit card or bank account information on any of its servers.

By using this site, either as a visitor or as a paying member (“subscriber”), you expressly agree that the site may use any personal information that has been provided by you or that has been collected by the site about you for any purpose, including without limitation, technical, administrative, research and development, customer administration, marketing, trading of personal data, age verification, promotional and advertising use by the site or third parties authorized to use the information by the site.

Furthermore, you expressly agrees that this site may, in its sole discretion share, disclose, transfer, rent, license or sell any of the personal information about subscribers that it has gathered or collected with affiliated or unaffiliated third parties.

The site is not responsible or liable for the use of any information that a visitor or subscriber may provide, or that is gathered by third-party websites or services. This site shall not be responsible for the privacy policy or the content of any other websites or services to which it may link. This site does not control, monitor or endorse the information gathering practices or privacy policies of any of those third-party websites.

All information collected may be shared when necessary to comply with applicable law and /or to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and the courts/tribunals.

“OPT-IN AND USER COMMUNICATION” – Subscriber expressly and specifically acknowledges and agrees that his email address or other means of communicating with subscriber may be used to send him offers, information or any other commercially oriented emails or other means of communications. More specifically, some offers may be presented to the subscriber via email campaigns or other means of communications with the option to express the subscriber’s preference by either clicking or entering “accept” (alternatively “yes”) or “decline” (alternatively “no”). By selecting or clicking the “accept” or “yes”, the subscriber indicates that the subscriber “OPTS-IN” to that offer and thereby agrees and assents that the subscriber’s personal information, including its email address and data may be used for that matter or disclosed to third-parties.”

“OPT-OUT AND USER COMMUNICATION” – Subscriber’s expressly and specifically acknowledges and agrees that his email address or other means of communicating with subscriber may be used to send him offers, information or any other commercially oriented emails or other means of communications. More specifically, other offers may be presented to the subscriber via email campaigns or other means of communications with a pre-selected preference or choice. If the subscriber does not deselect the pre-selected preference of choice (i.e. “OPT-OUT” of the offer) then the site may transfer the subscriber’s personal profile information to the third-party service or content provider making the offer. If the subscriber deselects the pre-selected preference then no personal information about the subscriber may be disclosed to any third-party service or content provider.

This privacy policy may be changed, modified or edited at any time. It is the subscriber’s responsibility to verify the Privacy Policy intermittently to see if there has been any change.

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